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About Us

Sawt El Ghad

 is an independent media organization owned by Jordan International Broadcasting Company. First established in Lebanon and was founded in Amman in 2004 to accompany its listeners who seek change in their daily lives.

Our Listeners

 always come first, they are who we work for, who we dedicate energies to satisfy. We are fully aware of the need of every listener to have a little positive energy in his/her life every day, so we rely on our content to deliver positive shows and to spread the spirit of happiness Apart from the political topics and those that instill a sense of unrest and annoyance among the listeners, we carefully designed a series of entertaining and useful shows to give daily tips, new information and updates, in our aim to relieve the listener and benefit our clients.

Sawt El Ghad

has been awarded the Guinness World Records twice for the longest running talk show (61 hours) and the second time to receive the highest number of calls within 48 hours.


We are impressive!

We created a variety of shows that appeal to almost all demographics. We have loyal listeners and daily new ones that will hold on to our station, and your message will be heard over and over again.


We are persuasive!

We induce buying behavior of our listeners by creating ads that are striking, persuasive and straight to the point. We work with you to create a powerful, relevant message that will compel new customers to respond.


We combine!

We combine traditional methods of advertising with modern ones, as we grant our clients online exposure on our social media platforms.


Sweifieh, Abdul Rahim Al Haj Mohammed Building 69, 2nd floor Amman-Jordan

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